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Да отключим магията на природата. Ензими и ензимни препарати за хранителната, текстилната и кожарска промишленост. Хранителни добавки.

Analytica Ltd. is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is a follower of several companies founded in the early 1990's with main business activity - import, export and production of enzyme preparations for food, feed and other industries and trade with ingredients for these industies, namely:

Trading with enzymes and ingredients for the food industry

Manufacturing of multi-enzyme complexes for food, leather and other industries

Manufacturing of animal feed additives on pro-biotic and pre-biotic base

Manufacturing of herbal extracts, designed for novel applications in animal breeding

Manufacturing of label glues, pH electrodes, pH buffers, and others.


Part of company production is Kosher certified. Kosher Sertificate  Analytica Ltd View our Kosher Letter of Certification.Kosher sertificate - pdf

The production of Analytica Ltd. comply with Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 ISO 22000:2005 sertificate - pdf

Part of company production is Halal certified.  Halal Sertificate  Analytica Ltd View our Halal Letter of SertificationHalal sertificate - pdf

The company has established itself as one of the main suppliers of food ingredients in Bulgaria, applied in food industry and particular bakery and confectionery.

Analytica Ltd. is open for development of business cooperations on distributor and representative base in this region.

Our practice is to work in close cooperation with our partners and develop non-traditional solutions for traditional problems.

For contact: 1784 Sofia, Tsarigradsko shousee Blvd, 7-th km, BIC IZOT,
office 405, 406, 411, 717, 717b, 718, p.o. box 3,
tel.: +359 2 971 80 31, fax: +359 2 971 84 11.
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