Optimal FA


Optimal FA is a fungal amylase specially designed for bakery and flour mill applications. Optimal FA is derived by in-dept fermentation of specially selected strain producer of Aspergillus oryzae.


Units of activity.

Activity is determined in SKB units.

Enzyme properties.


According to sample

Mode of action.

Optimal FA is widely used for improvement of flours used for bakery applications when the flours do not have enough alpha amylase. Addition of Optimal FA results in good crumb structure and high volume due to the continuous production of dextrins and maltose. Optimal FA is inactivated during the baking process. The synergistic effect with Xylanases and Lipases, makes Optimal FA well used product in the composition of complex bread improvers for getting optimal results.


0.2 Ц 1.0 g/100 kg flour. The optimum dosage is subject to further bakery trials.


12 months


Store in cool and dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight.


Optimal FA is available in 25 kg PE bags, placed in cartons.