Optimal X


Optimal X is a pure xylanase enzyme preparation, derived by in-depth fermentation of Aspergillus niger and developed especially for bakery applications.


Enzyme properties.


2500 FXU-W/g

Mode of action.

Optimal X improves wheat gluten network elasticity by acting on soluble and insoluble pentosans in the flour during dough processing. That results in better dough stability and handling, improved crumb structure and larger volume of baked bread. Optimal X represents good alternative of dough conditioning emulsifiers and could be used alone or in combination with the latter. The enzyme is inactivated during the baking process. Due to the synergistic effect of Xylanase with Fungal Amylases and Lipases, the product can be well used in the composition of complex bread improvers for getting optimal results.


2 - 8g/ 100 kg flour. The optimum dosage is subject to further bakery trials.


12 months


Store in cool and dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight.


Optimal X is available in 25 kg PE bags, placed in cartons.